Friday, June 26, 2015

New Blog - Seat of Mars

Please check out my new fiction story Seat of Mars. The story concerns a sudden breakdown of society and all the bedlam that ensues. A new chapter will be added every Sunday.

Think of this story as a bookend. This is one end, starting in the present day, and at the far end is my story Saga and the Bog People, which has just been published in the After Oil 3 anthology. This story, and subsequent ones, will fill in the interim 500 years between now, and that distant future society I envisaged set in Greenland.

I hope you enjoy this story - feel free to leave feedback and comments. When I have completed enough of the story I will publish it in paperback and ebook format.

To view the blog click here.


  1. Hi - when's the book out? I hate reading from PC screen but am hooked after latest instalment (Cat cooks). Good stuff on Collapse Café, where I heard about Seat of Mars. I dip in & out of doomer stuff when I need a dose of sanity! I gave up talking about peak oil/energy as people always seem to have a more important concern than energy. Good to have found your blogs!

    1. Hi Mandy - the book will be out when it's finished! At the rate I'm going that will be at least another nine months - but I'm considering polishing it off sooner as it takes me a while to get 'in the zone' to write each instalment - may as well do several at once.


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