Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Test Card

Who remembers this? This is the image they used to display on TV when there were no programmes to broadcast, and there was usually some accompanying muzak (or a high-pitched beep if it was late at night).

Personally I always thought the dwarf clown was a bit creepy. The girl too. And she is clearly playing noughts and crosses by herself as the clown has no arms to speak of. I wonder what she grew up to be.

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  1. Also, maybe it could come out on a slow news day, they could just say "There is no more news today" and put on the testcard.

  2. Here she is now

  3. Hi Jason,

    No book yet, but it does take about a month to get stuff here from China and you are a little bit further away again... It'll get here eventually - hopefully.

    Yes, the whole thing is creepy and if you look at it, not too closely, you can almost imagine that the young lady in question is smirking - for surely that is what it is a representation of a forced smile - whilst she is about to put a pen through the neck of the equally creepy looking clown / dummy. Perhaps the clown / dummy was called Timmy the clown and I can almost hear her saying (in her best Enid Blyton voice): Take that Timmy you rat!

    Sorry, we are getting a bit silly here aren't we?

    Cheers. Chris


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