Sunday, February 10, 2013

Tales From Fox Wood

Okay, I have started a new blog in addition to 22 Billion Energy Slaves. Check it out at Tales From Fox Wood.

As you'll immediately see if you have a look at it, it is nothing like this blog. For a start, it's mainly image based. The idea is for it to act as an inspiration for other people and to communicate a message to a wider audience.

But don't worry, this blog will still be getting updated regularly, so regular peakheads please don't go anywhere!

I'll be updating TFFW with new pictures as often as something interesting happens, be it man made or natural.

Hope you like it!


  1. Hi,

    Just a question on the practicalities of the wood - how did you determine that 5 acres is enough to sustain your family? A friend pointed me at your blog, and having read it (and had it bubble away in the back of my mind) I started idly looking at how much woodland would cost. I was amazed that it seems to be so cheap, but I've got no idea how much acreage you'd need to sustain a family.

  2. Hello - where did I write that I would be sustaining my family on it? If I did write that anywhere I must have been at the cider!

    My plans are to get some kind of income from it plus, over the years, get lots of fruit, nuts and vegetables that will go some way to making up a part of our diet.

    It's also soul-sustaining, but that's something else entirely.

    BTW there is something like a several million acres of woodland in the UK with a dire need for people to move in and start taking care of it. I can highly recommend watching the BBC series Tales From The Wild Wood for more info.

  3. Congratulations Jason. I have commented before anonymously but today I'm feeling bold. I have been following your blog for a long while. Found it from your comments on Greer's blog. I really enjoy your writing. We share, I think, a lot of the same views, fears, etc. Your biography was als very interesting. Just wanted to congratulate you both on the Greer mentioning your Africa work, and also for practicing what you preach....Or following your desires and not fearing to publicly state them, or whatever we shall call it. I'll not be far behind you. Perhaps 6 months to 2 years. At any rate, you have a virtual friend rooting for you from Washington, DC.

    1. Hi Terry. Thanks, hope it all goes well.

      I'm always a bit amused when people say that I'm 'brave' to use my real name rather than an avatar? After all, don't we live in democracies? Why the fear of stating what you believe in?

      Perhaps it's an American thing ... over here (in Europe) buying a little forest and talking about economic collapse isn't all that radical a thing to do. Unusual, maybe, but not something to get committed to the loony bin over.

    2. I wouldn't be so sure Jason, now I have found this, I think I'll report you to the thought police for harbouring radical thoughts ;) I may commit myself while I'm at it.....

  4. Yeah Sorry... The sustaining your family bit must have come out of my head not yours.

    I don't know why - it's something I've read about loads before - but my brain refuses to stop thinking about your Fox Wood move and planning the practicalities of making a similar move myself.

    In my head the wood was (eventually) going to provide pretty much all my food requirements so I guess I convinced myself that you'd told me it could :-)

  5. I wonder if our friend was not just talking about growing nuts...but about the heresy of moving into woodland and living in a low impact, high well-being sort of way. Our planning laws don't like that at ALL!!!


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